As every year, you'll find a wide variety of cuisine in each of the main eating areas. Rue Pierre Viret will be a space dedicated to foodtrucks offering different cuisines from around the world. On the esplanade de la Cathédrale, Place du Château and in the Cour du Gymnase, you'll find stands offering exotic, classic and vegetarian food, plus desserts to add a sweet touch to your meal! This year, all the stands will offer at least one vegetarian option and a plate for under CHF 10. We've also been working with local partners on the drinks. Nébuleuses beers, Urban drinks mineral water and wines from Domaine de Lausanne and Artisanes du vins will be on hand to keep you hydrated at all times. Finally, for this 51st edition, we are offering a special collaboration with LEGRAM.


In the magnificent Cour du Gymnase de l'Ancienne Académie, young Catalan chef Alba Farnos Vinals and english restaurateur Paul Marsden will be showcasing their fresh, inventive cuisine inspired by their many travels.

Fans of the 'slow food' concept, from the producer to the plate, while favouring zero waste, they will be offering a European-style chiringuito experience. Tapeo is lively, generous food from the shores of Spanish beaches, with a trendy English twist, but using local produce.

This will be the Festival's central catering area, welcoming young and old alike, with a syrup bar and a selection of natural Vaud tap wines. There will also be a teepee and entertainment for young audiences!

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Les cordons bleus de mon grand-père (Cordons bleus)

La Torteria (Mexican sandwiches)

Pla Tu Thong (Thai)

Route 95 diner (American)

Bondi Empanadas (Empanadas)

Ça Rûpe (Local street food)

La Crêperie Bretonne (Sweet and savoury crepes)

Glaces Veneta (Ice cream)

La Gaufre Manneke Kris (Waffles)

Les 3B smashburger (Hamburger)

Boulette. (Sandwiches)

Rach-Gia (Vietnamese)

Guliko (Georgian)

Lucky Ducky by Burgerland (Sandwiches)

Maillefer Grill & Plancha (Grilled meats)

Mangiobevo (Italian)

Man’Ouchy (Lebanese)

Taqueria Don Vergas (Mexican tacos)

Yemen Express (Vegetarian oriental cuisine)

Zia Kurtös (Desserts)