Thematic trails

The Festival de la Cité offers a wide range of artistic projects for all kinds of audiences. Below, discover our suggested themed itineraries. The aim of these itineraries is to offer a few gateways into the rich range of artistic propositions to help you find your way around the programme.


Transmitting memories, complex destinies or emotional metamorphoses, stories take up where they left off. The shadow of tradition recedes or draws nearer, giving way to a spectrum of narrative that ranges from poetry to intimate tales to claims. Tales that delimit for each a more or less singular territory and a universal ambition. Let's let the words slip into a present time to open up more dialogue.


Projects that come from another dimension, where purpose and talent still evoke the times to come. Projects not to be missed and to be picked now, before they're too ripe. This is a piece of friendly advice.

Nouvelles sensations.png


Unleashing passions 

Artists who harangue the crowd with energetic movements and scream their heads off, while other artists behind them attempt both to release their passion and to achieve a trance-like state through repetition and jubilant excitement. Here, the communicative effect is the order of the day: energy does most of the work, catharsis takes care of the rest. And as is often the case at La Cité, these gestures are as vital as they are important in these troubled times.


As AI gains ground in our daily lives, La Cité invites you to discover projects that find their source in collective intelligence. Allies or unifying traits that enable us to project ideas in the plural. A variety of profiles, but all experienced in multiplicity, which no doubt explains the variety of tones and colors the projects can take on.


La Cité is a veritable playground of discovery for young and old alike, who will be able to take full advantage of the Festival. The projects to be discovered are sure to create intergenerational memories.