The Festival de la Cité is committed to accessibility and cultural participation for people with disabilities. We welcome any suggestions or questions you may have.


→ Before the Festival: email Cléa Masserey,

→ Durinf the Festival (July 2 to 7, 2pm to 8pm): call the hotline, 0041 21 311 03 75, or write to mé

→ After the Festival: write to, your comments and suggestions for 2025 will be most welcome!

Accessibility pass

The "accessibility pass" enables Festival volunteers to identify people who might need help, for example:

Sitting in the front row, or close to the sound source

→ Borrowing a chair or cushion

→ Take a little extra time at the bar 

This is a golden bracelet that you can pick up at the info booth in front of the Cathedral. You don't need to justify yourself to get this bracelet.

General information

There are lots of people coming to see shows and concerts.
To get a seat, come about 30 minutes early.
To get help, you have to ask the people with white vests. On the back of the vests is the word "INFO".

Guide dogs and assistance dogs are allowed everywhere. 

 In the center of the Cité, there are often lots of people.
Places that are a little quieter are: le Parc de l’HermitageVergers de l’Hermitage or Plateforme 10.

La Chaise rouge

The Festival de la Cité collaborates with La Chaise Rouge - a service offered by the Vaud Red Cross with the support of Pro Infirmis Vaud - to provide personalized accompaniment adapted to different types of disability.

Disabled people wishing to benefit from the Chaise Rouge support service can contact the Vaud Red Cross, which will put them in touch with a volunteer according to availability.

Contact la Croix-Rouge vaudoise: 021 340 00 70 or

Further information: 

Personnes sourdes ou malentendantes

A magnetic loop is available for the hearing impaired for all shows and concerts performed on the Place Saint-Maur stage. Shows accessible to the hearing impaired are indicated by pictrograms on the printed program and on the website.

Selection of shows without words or with surtitles

Personnes à mobilité réduite

Stages accessible to people with reduced mobility are indicated on the legends of the printed program map and on the website. All information for people with reduced mobility (drop-off points, parking spaces, accessible WCs, stages and venues, as well as routes to facilitate walking for people with reduced mobility) will be shown on the map below.

Capture d’écran 2024-06-24 à 11.07.13.png
Personnes sourdes ou malentendantes

Selection of shows with low visual impact

We can be contacted at or for details of accessibility measures and shows

Selection of shows with little visual